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With Hemp Oil there have been many studies which have shown the healing properties of using natural Hemp products.


Along with a healthy body comes a healthy mind and our products come from 100% natural products ensuring you get the maximum benefits.


Many of our customers have reported an increase in levels of energy and general well-being after using our products over a period of time.

Our products in detail.

Our hemp oil is 10% strength …made from organic Sativa plants Via Oil and Air pressure extractions. It has full range Cannabinoid spectrum Its 100% Organic

  • No industrial chemicals
  • Carrier is organic hemp

To get an understanding of percentages, if you state a percent, it should be the percent of the whole bottle simple.

Product Description for 100ml hemp oil Total cannabinoid content: 10000mg per bottle and obtained from cannabis sativa selected and organically certified plants.

Only high strains of hemp content are used. Female plants only, manually selected, due to high content of cannabinoids.

Hemp oil process does not require any alcohol distillation or CO2 fraction, nor any other chemicals. This way the full cannabinoid’s spectrum is kept unaltered.

The product doesn’t contain any synthetic flavours or preservatives it is 100% natural and organic. 100ml of Cannabidiol obtained from three strains of hemp female plants.

The plants are cold processed in the hemp seed extra virgin oil, obtaining a full spectrum of cannabinoids via a process that keeps the plant properties unaltered. The result is a raw hemp oil with content of CBD, CBGA; CBCA; CBC THCV.


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